WPBookList Carousel Extension Guide

Are you the proud owner of the WPBookList Carousel Extension? If so, then great – you’re one step further on the path to mastering the universe! You’ll still need to know how to use it, of course. Luckily, I’ve written this handy guide illustrating the many different ways the WPBookList Carousel Extension can be used on your very own website.

The easiest way to begin using the WPBookList Carousel Extension is to place this shortcode on a page, post, text widget, or wherever else shortcodes work:


The result should look something like this:

By default, the WPBookList Carousel Extension will pull books from the Default WPBookList Library, display three of them at a time, rotate to the left, take 5 seconds for one rotation to complete, and display books covers at a width of 103 pixels and a height of 170 pixels. Here’s the same shortcode with all of the optional arguments filled in:

[wpbooklist_carousel titlecount="3" transition="rotateleft" speed="5" coverwidth="103" coverheight="170"]

Here’s a little more information on each of the shortcode arguments and their possible values:

  • table – I know, I know, this table argument isn’t included in the shortcode above… by not including this argument at all, WPBookList Carousel will grab books from the Default Library. Keep reading for an example of using books from a custom Library.
  • titlecount – How many titles you want displayed at once. If the available area isn’t wide enough to display the number of titles you’ve specified, you can either try reducing the size of the book covers, or do nothing and let WPBookList Carousel display as many as it can.
  • transition – The direction WPBookList Carousel moves. There are two possible values here – ‘rotateleft’ and ‘rotateright’.
  • speed – The speed with which WPBookList Carousel rotates, in seconds. In the example above, the Carousel will rotate once every 5 seconds.
  • coverwidth – The width of the book cover, in pixels.
  • coverheight – The height of the book cover, in pixels.

Okay, so let’s get a little crazy and radically change things up. Say I wanted to create a Carousel that pulls from my StoreFront Demo Library, rotates to the right once every 3 seconds, and displays 5 larger book cover images. Here’s the shortcode:

[wpbooklist_carousel table="storefrontdemo" titlecount="5" transition="rotateright" speed="3" coverwidth="175" coverheight="280"]

And here’s the outcome:

Now, unless you have a very large computer screen or some such other new-fangled piece of technology all the kids are using these days, you probably aren’t seeing 5 books displayed all at once in the example above – instead, WPBookList Carousel has automatically displayed as many books as the allotted space can support. What if we wanted a ton of smaller books shown on-screen at once?

[wpbooklist_carousel titlecount="15" transition="rotateright" speed="1" coverwidth="40" coverheight="70"]

And that’s pretty much all there is to using WPBookList Carousel! If you don’t have your very own copy of WPBookList Carousel, be sure to check it out here. I mean really, it’s only $5… it’s either this or that Starbucks Latte… actually, that’s kind of a hard choice…

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I volunteer at an english library association for expats in france. I look after their wordpress website & would like to trial before I purchase to see if it is what we want. keeping in mind it is only a small library as an association and information point for intergration, I would like to have the mobile app to scan additional books and also be able to upload existing books in bulk by name and author too.
I would not mind purchasing your product if it works for us. would this be possible?

Hi Andrew,

So I don’t really have a great way of providing a demo of these features, as they’re back-end, admin-type features, but, since you reached out (and since I operate this way anyway), I can guarantee you a full refund if these Extensions don’t end up doing what you’re looking for.

Thanks for your interest!


Hi Jake,
Just to let you know I have purchased your full package ($30.00) and implemented it. This will be my little xmas present to the expats here in France to increase the functionality of the English Library WordPress website in La Souterrraine.

Well like the English “Ronseal” quote… “It does exactly what it says on the tin”. This product is fantastic with excellent flexibility for the way the books are and can be displayed and with super ease to build a useful library. Besides the bulk upload, this will be an easy learning transition for the existing volunteers to scan in the new & old book stock via their smartphone or iPad with your free accompanying app available on both tablet & phone app stores.

All that is left to say is to wish you a happy and (interesting) new year.


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