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Let me guess – you just recently purchased the wonderful WPBookList Categories Extension for WPBooklist, and now you’re here seeking guidance on how to get the most our of your new purchase. What?! You haven’t purchased the WPBookList Categories Extension!?! Stop everything you’re doing right now and buy the WPBookList Categories Extensions – otherwise this webpage will fill with nothing but links to the WPBookList Categories Extension until you do so. Seriously. It will, I promise.

Fine, you called my bluff, that won’t actually happen – however, the quality of your life will severely diminish if you don’t buy the WPBookList Categories Extension. For those who have, read on ye faithful WPBookList user…

Basic Usage

So here’s the most basic, barebones way of using the WPBookList Categories Extension:


You can see the output of that shortcode below…

Placing that shortcode wherever shortcodes work on your website will display your default Library, organized by category. The width of the Categories view should be as wide as the rest of the content on your page – it shouldn’t be any different from say, a paragraph of text or, if you’ve placed this in a sidebar, the total width of that sidebar.

Categories Width

Speaking of width, if you’d like to specify exactly how wide your Category view should be, use the default Categories shortcode with the ‘Width’ argument (I know, crazy right!?):

[[wpbooklist_categories width=”70″]]

You can see the output of this shortcode below – a narrower instance of the output above…
[wpbooklist_categories width=”70″]

This shortcode will output the same Category view as the shortcode from above, pulling books in from your default Library, but with a width of 70% – so roughly speaking, if you also have a full-width paragraph of text on the page you’ve placed this shortcode on, then this Categories view will be about 70% of the width of that paragraph of text.

Let’s say you wanted to pull books from a different Library – simply use the ‘table’ argument like so:

[[wpbooklist_categories table=”nonfiction”]]
[wpbooklist_categories table=”nonfiction”]

The output above is the same kind of awesome content you’ve come to expect from the WPBookList Categories Extension, but this time its pulling books from my sample ‘nonfiction’ Library.


Just one more thing to discuss – the auto-converting of existing WPbookList Libraries to ‘Category’ Libraries if the visitor viewing your website is doing so from a mobile device. Below this paragraph I’ve placed the regular WPBookList shortcode we’ve all come to know and love oh-so-much. For brevity’s sake, I’m using my much smaller ‘nonfiction’ Library.


Search By: Title Author Category

Filter by Publication Year Range


Total Books: 2

Finished: 1

Signed: 0

First Editions: 0

Total Pages Read: 832

Categories: 2

Library Completion: 50.00%

"Clocks slay time... time is dead as long as it is being clicked off by little wheels... only when the clock stops does time come to life. " - William Faulkner, The Sound And The Fury


If you’re reading this post on a desktop or laptop, you should see a regular ‘ol WPBookList Library above, but if you’re on a mobile device, you should see the output above automatically converted to the Categories view provided by the WPBookList Categories Extension. To enable this auto-converting magic, just check the box that reads “Enable Auto-Converting to ‘Categories’ View” on the ‘Categories’ menu page. Below is a screenshot:


This is where you set the Categories Mobile Option


That’s it! Now you’re a WPBookList Categories Master!



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