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Whether you’re selling your books on Amazon or your own website, the WPBookList StoreFront Extension allows you to display the price of each title and link to wherever your books are sold.

Includes Full WooCommerce Support, letting you automatically create WooCommerce Products when adding books!

Got a ton of books you need to create WooCommerce Products for? The StoreFront Extension integrates with both the Bulk-Upload Extension and the GoodReads Extension to automatically create WooCommerce Products for each title you import!

Save a few buck and get all three Extensions, plus several more, by purchasing the Extensions Bundle, or better yet, get Every Single Extension and Every Single StylePak by purchasing the Ultimate WPBookList Bundle!

Also includes options to upload your own link images and specify the ‘Call-to-Action’ text.

Installation & Usage Instructions

  • Download the StoreFront Extension
  • Upload the Zipped file via the WordPress Dashboard
    • Click ‘Plugins’ on the left-hand side of the WordPress Dashboard
    • Click the ‘Add New’ button towards the top of the ‘Plugins’ page
    • Click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button towards the top of the ‘Add Plugins’ page
    • Click the ‘Choose File’ button and select the zipped extension file you just purchased
    • Click the ‘Install Now’ button
    • Click the ‘Activate Plugin’ button
  • Click on the ‘StoreFront’ submenu page under the main WPBookList Main Menu
  • Set your Library and Book-View purchase images with the ‘Choose Image’ buttons
  • Set your ‘Call-to-Action’ text
  • Click the ‘Save StoreFront Settings’ button, and you’re done!

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