Stylizer Extension

Want more control over the colors, sizes, fonts, and placements of your WPBookList Book and Library Views than the StylePaks allow? Then get the Stylizer Extension!

With the Stylizer Extension, you can easily modify the colors, fonts, font sizes, margins, paddings, heights, widths, and more, making WPBookList an even better fit for your particular website!

PLEASE NOTE: Modifying the ‘Library View’ only works if the default WPBookList Library is set to ‘Default StylePak’.

Installation & Usage Instructions

  • Download the Stylizer Extension
  • Upload the Zipped file via the WordPress Dashboard
    • Click ‘Plugins’ on the left-hand side of the WordPress Dashboard
    • Click the ‘Add New’ button towards the top of the ‘Plugins’ page
    • Click the ‘Upload Plugin’ button towards the top of the ‘Add Plugins’ page
    • Click the ‘Choose File’ button and select the zipped extension file you just purchased
    • Click the ‘Install Now’ button
    • Click the ‘Activate Plugin’ button

Other Recommended Extensions

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